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Our Story - The Mountains
A rich, rare, raw, and very pure honey harvested by honey bees made solely from the nectar of the wild Sainfoin flower that blooms only during the summer in the pristine alpine meadows amidst the heavenly mountain range in Kyrgyzstan. This mountain range is called The Tian Shan, also known as the Tengri Tagh which means the "Mountains of Heaven" or the "Heavenly Mountains."

The Tian Shan is Chinese for “Celestial mountains" and it is an extremely mountainous region, with beautiful alpine sceneries, densely forested valleys, multicolored lakes, and pristine glaciers.

Kyrgyzstan is known internationally for the bees that collect nectar from thousands of flowers (Multiflora) in its mountains. The honey there contains low sucrose and a high combination of fructose and glucose. It is also famous for having Vitamin C & B Complex and minerals such as Magnesium, Sodium, and Calcium. Our honey is pure White honey that originates from unpolluted Kyrgyzstan Highlands.

The Sainfoin Flower

Sainfoin is one of the best plants for bee attractant and pollination. Bees readily take nectar from the pink flowers and sainfoin nectar makes excellent honey. Sainfoin does not require fertilizer and provides nitrogen-fixing capabilities, cutting feed and plot costs significantly. Sainfoin is very winter-hardy and drought resistant. This flower is a non-bloating, deep-rooted, perennial legume that is highly nutritious, and very palatable for all classes of grazing animals. Sainfoin also makes an excellent wildlife attractant and feed for deer & elk.

Our Ethos

White Mountain Honey understands the precious rarity of truly raw, pure honey. Our quality control is stringent to ensure our trusted customers are receiving a genuine product. Our supply chains are very short as we deal directly with small. We work closely with these artisans to protect their livelihoods, their traditional way of life, and the sustainability of their work. All White Mountain honey is raw, straight from the hive with no heat-treatment or micro-filters which would rob it of the potent health-promoting enzymes. None of our beekeepers feed sugar solutions or supplements to their bees either. We are dedicated to finding the purest most natural honey there is.


The world’s climate and natural environments are undergoing some major changes so sustainability is a major concern and has become the most preferred and adaptive way of life. In food production, it means acting in a way that maintains a balanced environment and healthy ecosystem.

We all must strive in making this happen together. Here are some of the steps that we take to play our part in making as little impact as possible on the natural world in tandem with our community of beekeepers:

Minimal intervention

The heart of our business is raw honey. We’ve developed a cooperative of beekeepers in Kyrgyzstan enabling them to carry on centuries-old traditions in harmony with nature. They gently harvest honey at appropriate times, disturbing the hives as little as possible and leaving the bees with plentiful honey to sustain them through cooler weather to feed and breed.

Most of our beekeepers are situated in very remote areas. We will never work with anyone that uses antibiotics, sugar syrup, moves hives from location to location, and other harsh and disruptive methods with the bees. Our beekeepers use a bee-centered approach to hive management so that bees can behave naturally.


The movement of food around the world, especially by air, is a big contributor to global warming. That is why we transport our honey in bulk and then package it locally. This reduces the weight and volume, therefore the impact. Wherever possible we ship our stocks by sea.


White Mountain Honey has pioneered the use of ladling raw honey from large glass bowls on the counter. Again this lessens the impact of transport and means we can predict supply accurately without waste. We have always sold our honey in glass jars with wooden condiments and will never use single-use plastic containers.

Our jars are beautifully wrapped and packed to give a warm earthy look perfect for gifting on any occasion.

Send someone a jar today!

Future actions

We are always looking at ways that we can improve sustainability. At present that is finding a system of recycling so that customers can refill their clean glass jars. Be sure that the honey that you buy is genuine, ethical, and puts bee welfare and sustainability first.

We are a small team from UAE working with beekeepers from the mountains in Kyrgyzstan. We believe in producing and marketing 100% natural honey with sustainable methods. We intend to preserve our planet’s biodiversity, nourish and take care of our people and their traditional methods.


I was introduced to White Mountain Honey a few months ago when I was experiencing joint pain. I started having White Mountain Honey in the morning with my toast and just started using it with other stuff as well, my kids have also tasted the honey and say that it’s absolutely the best.
Naila Rahim
CEO, Light of Sakina
I am really enjoying the White Mountain Honey on my toast and it’s not affecting my diabetes at all, my granddaughter loves the honey too and loves to take it with milk.
Tahera Sikander
Owner & Designer, Umm Treasures
White Mountain Honey is pure and delicious. I love it…it easily replaced my favourite flavours and brands of chocolate helping my sweet cravings. The added bonus is that it’s organic and of high quality! I love it in my herbal tea as well, it is the best to kickstart my day!
Anuradha Kamaath
Lifestyle and Wellness Coach
I love love the taste and texture of White Mountain Honey. As an owner of a bakery, I love adding this as a substitute for my clients who want a sugar-free option.
The texture works well with my batter and turns out perfectly well.
For my family, I too swear by this honey, my body aches at the end of the day seemed to have miraculously vanished since I started taking this honey every morning. Thank you, God, for this beautiful treasure!
Owner of Cakes at Naaz
Delicious Honey with great flavor! This honey is just so creamy, and soft, not extremely sweet but just right. Thank you White Mountain Honey for bringing back my trust and the fact that there is a company out there that sells 100% raw honey. I have tried many honey's but your is the BEST!
Thank your bees for me too...
Sarah Qureshi
مرحبا ، عسل الابيض من افضل انواع العسل الي جربته ، طعم رائع جدًا ، مفيد حق الجسم ، انا كل يوم صبح اخذ ملعقة
شكرا لكم
Someone recommended I try White Mountain Honey as I was facing severe Asthma problems and being under constant medication interfered with my energy level. After I started having White Mountain Honey in my tea, water, and milk, I no longer needed to rely on my medication as it eased my chest pain and kept me active. It's the best and safe remedy I've had so far.
Anam Qureshi
Author of A Journey Series
This honey was so delicious that I was surprised when I first tried it, the flavors just exploded in my mouth amazingly.
Nourah Almounsouri
Sales Manager at Sobha Realty
هلا ، انا و عيالي نستخدم العسل بشكل اليومي ، رائع جدا شكرا
ام شهد